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As legend has it.. RadWulf was once an infamous Space Pirate who traversed the galaxies of the future and partied through the cosmos.


On his final interstellar expedition, Rad sought to 'confiscate' a Phantom Crystal from an enemy starship and use it to achieve rapid space flight.


After narrowly escaping with the crystal (and a very rebellious alien princess), his starship was sucked into an arcane vortex, sending him back in time and leaving him stranded here in present day Earth.


With no way back home, RadWulf decided to steal all of the popular music of the future and release it here as his own.

After all... he was a pirate.


It is said that RadWulf now spends each new day traveling the globe; looking for new exploits to embark, new festivals to perform, and a new crew of Space Pirates to join him on his journey back home to Deep Space.

MetaWulf Teaser: 

“Some say the Radiation Goggles or “Rad Goggles” allow him to see through 4D imagery processing which utilize sound wave and radiation detection, others say that they grant the wearer the ability to see through clothing - I guess we will never know for certain..”

~ as seen on Instagram 

Rad Illustration (Brand Edit).png
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